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Pale Reflection by Gustavo Bondoni 
A collection of dark fantasy.

From the Pacific surf to cold alpine glaciers and from dusty refugee camps to quaint medieval Spanish cities, the darkness within each of us knows no borders. Whether it's ultimately used for good or for evil, we never know until we look it in the face. 

This collection of dark fantasy by best selling writer Gustavo Bondoni delves into that darkness and forces us to stare at ourselves in the mirror to see if any trace of it resides within.

Gustavo Bondoni was born in Argentina, which, he believes, makes him one of the few (maybe the only!) Argentinean fiction writers writing primarily in English. He moved to the US at the age of three because his father worked for a multinational company that bounced him around the world every few years. Miami, Zurich, Cincinnati. 

Gustavo only made it back to Buenos Aires at the age of twelve, by which time he was not quite an American kid, not quite a European kid, and definitely not Argentinian! His work ranges from science fiction to mainstream lit, passing through sword & sorcery and magic realism along the way. His works have been published in numerous countries and languages.

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