Story Collections

At Long Last! 
Four collections of short, speculative fiction available at last. 

Last Gasp - Four Cozy Thrillers
by Lyndon Perry

Four cozy thrillers make up this collection of short stories (about 30 pages in length). Last Gasp mixes a dash of humor into these light horror stories featuring vampires, ghosts, zombies, and a creative muse. This collection includes the following stories:

+ Audition With The Vampire - A movie director can't believe his latest auditions.

+ Show, Don't Tell - A writer struggles with a new genre...and her muse.

+ Captain Tyler's Ghost - A local legend takes on new meaning for a hotel owner.

+ Princess and the Zombie - A father/daughter hunting trip goes terribly...right!

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Last Laugh - Four Flights of Fancy
by Lyndon Perry

Four humor shorts featuring a Neanderthal's greatest invention; some space monkey pirate tales; a zombie hunter named Billy; and an Elf, an Ogre, and a Hollywood Party. Plus four bonus flash fiction. All told about 25 pages long and includes the following stories:

+ Og's Greatest Invention - A Neanderthal's revolutionary concept debuts on the most popular game show in paleolithic history.

+ Monkey Business - Three Space Monkey Pirate tales featuring Captain Ed Drake and Mazaru, his sidekick space monkey pirate.

+ I Just About Died! - An Elf, an Ogre, and a Hollywood Party. What could go wrong?

+ Billy Farnsworth, Zombie Hunter - Where Z-Hunting is Fun!

+ Bonus: Four Funny Tasting Treats - Microfiction Morsels

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Last Chance - Four Timely Tales
by Lyndon Perry

This collection, about 25 pages in length, includes the following stories of heartbreak and hope:

This is Not My Autobiography - With a daughter about to get married, it's not about the dad. Really. It isn't.

+ Texts from a Bluetooth Genie - What if your Blackberry could text you advice? What if you followed it?

+ Possibly His Last Exorcism - Before he dies, the Rev. Dr. Johann Strauss has a demon to face. And a bratwurst to eat.

One More Book Before I Die - Oliver Bettington, Sr. has a quirky reading habit...and a hunch.

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Last Cry - Four Fables of Sorrow
by Lyndon Perry

This collection of fables and modern legends, about 25 pages in length, includes the following stories:

+ A Sad Tale from Skuddledump - An spiritual suspense in the guise of a children's story about the ultimate disappointment.

+ The Sorrow of Raetheos - A prose poem of broken promises set in an epic and mythical land and time.

+ The Rabbit and the Eagle - A fable of sorrow and hope.

+ Running Late - Life disappoints. Then it disappoints some more.

+ Bonus: Pack a Day and Other Microfictions

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