Strange Worlds of Lunacy
An Anthology of Speculative Humor
Edited by Lyndon Perry and Crystalwizard

Strange Worlds of Lunacy is a compilation of the funniest fantasy and sci-fi humor in the galaxy, the known universe, and all nine-million planes of existence!

(Okay, well, maybe just the surrounding 5 blocks.)

More than 50 short stories, limericks, and poems by breakout authors and seasoned veterans alike. This antho will have you laughing so hard you'll wet your...

"...a squeaky-clean bathroom buddy." ~ Colin P. Davies

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Space Opera Humor!

The Adventures of Mazaru, 
the Space Monkey Pirate
by Lyndon Perry

This short collection of five stories features Mazaru, the Space Monkey Pirate, and his human sidekick, Captain Ed Drake, as they adventure across the galaxy to confront the King of the Space Monkey Pirates himself.

This bit of clean and whimsical "space opera lite" is about 30 pages in length.

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