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Update: December, 2017

Inclinations – Mystical Visions by David B. Harrington takes you on a journey through magical lands and heavenly realms filled with wonder and adventure.

Replete with angels and mythical creatures, Inclinations – Mystical Visions is a strange and allegorical mixture of poetry and prose.

Based on a series of mystical and esoteric visions, this collection of short stories and poems covers a wide variety of themes including faith, judgment, mysticism, and spiritual warfare.

With a bit of prophecy clouded in the metaphor of sacred language, one must decide where to interpret the text literally and where to interpret it figuratively.

You can purchase the ebook or paperback from Amazon.

David B. Harrington is a proud resident of Portland, Oregon, where he lives with his wife and two sons. Originally from Connecticut, David moved to Portland in 1988. He is a self-proclaimed Christian Mystic and is interested in all things spiritual and metaphysical. David began writing thirty years ago and his book, Inclinations - Mystical Visions, is a collection of short visionary fiction & metaphysical/spiritual poetry based on a series of mystical and esoteric visions he’s experienced.