YA / Middle Grade

The Adventures of Max McCannor
by T. M. Hunter and Lyndon Perry
(A Three-Book Series)

Book 1 - Escape!

Max McCannor and his friends suffer under the cruelty of their orphanage headmasters, Mr. and Mrs. Tittlesworth. After reaching a breaking point, and spurred on by the hope of finding his long-lost father, Max convinces his best friend Sadie and the others to flee their captors and head west. 

But Tittlesworth has too many secrets to keep to risk losing Max and his pals. So the headmaster hires one of his former orphans to track the children down. He wants them returned to the orphanage...before they ESCAPE for good.

Join Max, Sadie, and the rest of the crew as they travel from New York to Chicago and then onward to California in search of his dad, an inventor who has fallen into the hands of a dangerous gang bent on exploiting his mechanical genius.

Escape! is a middle grade/young adult alternative history adventure story set in the 1890s. It has a light steampunk flavor since the era is so ripe with inventions and exciting technological changes.

This is the first of three episodes but can be read as a stand-alone. It's about 80 pages and is available in paperback and e-book from Amazon. (affiliate link)


Book 2 - Runaway!

When Running is the Only Option...

Max McCannor and his friends escaped the cruelties of their New York City orphanage and now continue their search for Max's long-lost father. After a few weeks with his wealthy aunt, Max discovers clues to his father's whereabouts in a dusty old journal, and the resourceful band of orphans continue their journey west.

Two scoundrels overhear their plans and seek to kidnap them, banking on a huge ransom. As the children board a train bound for California, the would-be kidnappers close in. The former orphans find themselves in a RUNAWAY race for their lives - and only each other to rely on!

This is Book 2 in the exciting Adventures of Max McCannor by T. M. Hunter and Lyndon Perry, a middle-grade steampunk novel in three episodes, but can be read as a stand-alone. It's available in e-book and paperback from Amazon. (affiliate link)


Book 3 - Eureka!

Max McCannor and his friends were able to escape their cruel orphanage headmaster, and then their would-be kidnappers, as they trekked west toward California in search of Max’s long-lost father. Through a cruel twist of fate, the former orphans discover Max’s father has himself been kidnapped by hooligans bent on using his inventions for their diabolical plans.

The gang now heads north to the Alaskan Territory, where they not only face harsh conditions, but also a new villain with no moral boundaries that would prevent the children from meeting an untimely end. Only with a true EUREKA moment will Max and his friends rescue his father and escape the clutches of those who seek their harm.

This is the dramatic conclusion of the exciting Adventures of Max McCannor by T. M. Hunter and Lyndon Perry, a middle-grade steampunk novel in three episodes: Escape, Runaway, and Eureka.

Available in paperback and e-book from Amazon (affiliate link).