Cozy Mystery

Ma Tutt's Donut Hut
by Lyndon Perry

A Curious Cozy with a Magical Cat!

Dolly Tutt has just opened her own bakery in the small mountain community of Sugar Pine Station. But the Creamy Pie franchise across the street is giving her fits. Her business is dying. She needs a miracle or she'll be forced to close.

Fortunately, Mack, a mysterious tabby that came with the doughnut shop, lends a paw by pointing Dolly to a magical ingredient that definitely puts the spice back in her life and rejuvenates the Donut Hut. Unfortunately, it also unleashes as series of catastrophes that may end up destroying her business once and for all.

- "A very gentle mystery with a cast of wonderfully quirky characters and a light moral touch make this short novel an endearing and satisfying read."

This short novel of about 185 pages is a complete adventure but contains four tales within the larger gentle mystery. Think of it in terms of a four episode mini-series with each story building on the other to form a satisfying conclusion

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Book 2: Ma Tutt's Secret Spice

Mack is back in a Magical Cat Cozy Mystery!

When Dolly “Ma” Tutt gets caught up in a local scandal, her cafĂ© and bakery begins to suffer. Stores are vandalized and fingers start pointing. Word travels fast in the small mountain community of Sugar Pine Station, and Ma Tutt’s Donut Hut becomes gossip central.

But who is really behind these mysterious break-ins? And to what purpose? Will Ma’s friends stand by her in the midst of trouble…or will she have to toss in the towel and close up shop?

Relying on Mack, an intuitive and mysterious gray tabby, Dolly discovers a special recipe that brings out the truth. She also discovers that love and friendship are the true ingredients, the ‘secret spice of life’ that she needs to face every challenge.

This is Book 2 in the Mack the Magical Cat series, but stands alone as a cozy mystery adventure. A short novel of about 150 pages.

A Five-Star Review: “This is an enjoyable and hard to put down read! The characters of Sugar Pine Station face crime, romance, and baked goods as they try to resolve local town mysteries.”

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Book 3: Ma Tutt's Christmas Cookies

Mysterious notes. Malfunctioning Christmas lights. Sparks and secrets and rumors of revenge.

The quaint and quiet village of Sugar Pine Station is gearing up for the holidays. But the season’s excitement is dampened by rumors of a serial arsonist visiting unsuspecting mountain communities.

When a fire nearly destroys a local landmark, Ma Tutt and her sleuthing pals jump into action. Can they discover who’s behind the tragedy before another disaster strikes? And will one of her famous magical recipes bring comfort to her friends…or add to the chaos?

Join this feel-good holiday adventure as Mack, the town’s favorite feline, helps solve the mystery. “Ma Tutt’s Christmas Cookies” is the third installment in Lyn Perry’s supernatural series of curious cozies and can be read as a stand-alone novel.

A Five-Star Review from Brazil: “A very enjoyable read, the main plot keeps you interested throughout the journey and almost everything ends in a satisfying conclusion. If you are looking for a light and cozy experience, this book is a great option.”

Available at Amazon (affiliate link) in e-book and paperback, and free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Pre-Order Now - Book 4: Ma Tutt's Hawaiian Delight

After her Christmas cookie disaster, Ma Tutt needs a break! Why not relax on a Hawaiian cruise? Added fun: a baking competition hosted by celebrity chefs. Fame and fortune await the winner, but contestants are dropping like flies. Luckily, Ma’s mysterious tabby Mack can help solve the mystery. Or is he to blame for the shenanigans? Will Dolly Tutt’s special spices work their magic or lead to calamity? Find out in Mack the Magical Cat Mystery Book 4, a stand-alone cozy.

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Introducing Kelli and Jo's Book and Candle Shop Mysteries

First book in a new series! Secrets & Scents by Lyn Perry

Best friends Kelli & Jo quit their day jobs in Silicon Valley to open a book and candle shop in Sugar Pine Station, a quaint and quiet mountain village near Yosemite, California.

As they begin renovations, Kelli discovers a mysterious bundle of letters hidden away for over forty years. Each envelope contains an enigmatic prophecy, the first one predicting an Opening Day disaster.

Now Kelli & Jo are forced to put on their sleuthing caps if they want to save their business. Will more tragedies strike? And will they unravel the secrets of the mysterious letters?

Secrets & Scents is Book 1 in a brand new cozy mystery series by Lyn Perry and features many of the endearing and quirky characters of Sugar Pine Station that fans have grown to love from the Ma Tutt cozies, including Mack the Mysterious Cat.

Amazon Review: “The story is a bit different from what I normally read, but it worked well. The paranormal elements are light, and they are a fun addition to the story. I loved Kelli, Jo, and their love interests. The rest of the cast are fun as well, and the town where the action takes place was delightful.”

Available at Amazon (affiliate link) as an e-book and paperback, and free to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Book 2 arriving early 2024!