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Issues 8 & 9 - May to Aug: Special Sword & Sorcery Double Issue

Tule Fog Press is proud to release this special Sword & Sorcery Double Issue of Residential Aliens! At over 200 pages, this collection features 12 short stories, 2 articles, and a continued serial adventure.

Contributors: J. Thomas Howard, Joseph L. Kellogg, George Jacobs, Jason J. McCuiston, Rob McDermott, Dustin Reade, Matthew X. Gomez, James Downe, William Paul Remington, Jasiah Witkofsky, Michael T. Burke, Gustavo Bondoni, and B. Harlan Crawford, along with a review by Anthony Perconti, and cover art by Gilead, edited by Lyndon Perry.

Available in e-book and paperback from Amazon (affiliate link).


Issue 7 - March/April 2023

Welcome to a new issue of ResAliens where you'll once again find a wide array of speculative stories - from an ethereal and ghostly tale by Gustavo Bondoni, to Mike Chinn's swashbuckling and sorcerous adventure. We also have cats in castles, a Lincolnian alt history, a rocket ship romance, and the beginning of an S&S serial from Dustin Reade. Plus a review of one of Moorcock's lesser known fantasies.

Residential Aliens - Spiritually Infused Speculative Fiction.

117 pages, e-book and paperback from Amazon (affiliate link).


Issue 6 - Jan/Feb 2023

From sword and sorcery to space opera, cosmic fantasy to psychological thriller, supernatural horror, and a sprinkle of steampunk, Issue #6 (Jan/Feb 2023) features stories by Adrian Cole, Mike Chinn, Cliff Hamrick, T. M. Hunter, Stoney M. Setzer, Mike Lynch, and H. A. Titus.

Grab this special issue of the relaunched Residential Aliens Magazine, edited by Lyndon Perry. “Spiritually Infused Speculative Fiction.”

76 pages, e-book and paperback from Amazon (affiliate link).

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