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Special Sword & Sorcery Double Issue of Residential Aliens!

Contributors: J. Thomas Howard, Joseph L. Kellogg, George Jacobs, Jason J. McCuiston, Rob McDermott, Dustin Reade, Matthew X. Gomez, James Downe, William Paul Remington, Jasiah Witkofsky, Michael T. Burke, Gustavo Bondoni, B. Harlan Crawford, and Anthony Perconti. Cover art by Giliead the Artist. 

E-book and paperback on sale now at Amazon (affiliate link). That's 160 pages: 12 short stories, 2 articles, and a continued serial adventure. 

Swords & Heroes
A Sword & Sorcery Anthology

Includes stories by Charles Gramlich, Gustavo Bondoni, Michael T. Burke, Teel James Glenn, Tom Doolan, Tim Hanlon, Cliff Hamrick, Frank Sawielijew, J. Thomas Howard, Nancy Hansen, David A. Riley, and Adrian Cole; along with a foreword by Jason M Waltz as well as a roundtable discussion of the current state of sword and sorcery. 

Available on Amazon (affiliate link) Kindle Unlimited, Kindle E-book, Paperback, Hardcover.


Fragments of a Greater Darkness by Michael T. Burke
A Collection of Sword & Sorcery Tales

Ahanu Foxcloud, expatriate of the Mahkah people, seeks answers to his past while forging his own future. The amber-eyed barbarian warrior ventures into the ruthless, fantastic world of Symbra. Enter with him now, in this collection of sword and sorcery adventures.

A creature of legend stalks the nighted woods. The promise of treasure leads the unwary to a horrible realization. Terror holds sway in a dark house looming on a lonely plain. These and other more weird and thrilling tales are all but...Fragments of a Greater Darkness!

Available on Amazon (affiliate link)
Kindle Unlimited, Kindle E-book, 4x7 Pocket-Sized Paperback

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Look for these collections of S&S, Heroic Adventure, and Dark Fantasy coming later this year from David A. Riley, Teel James Glenn, Tim Hanlon, Scott Harper, and Andrew Darlington.