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Sherlock & Friends: Eldritch Investigations

An anthology of 9 adventures featuring Holmes’s friends & rivals as they pit their detection skills against Lovecraftian horrors. 

The Table of Contents...
  • Derrick Belanger: "The Slithering Vistas of Carlos Varga" with ghost-chaser, Psychic Doctor John Silence.
  • Gustavo Bondoni: "A Time for Haste" featuring Mr. Sherlock Holmes & Dr. John Watson.
  • Mike Chinn: "The Return of Madame Sara" pursued by private detective Dixon Druce and Inspector Eric Vandeleur.
  • Vonnie Winslow Crist: "Bramblestone and Brook" featuring Miss Hagar Stanley, a plucky Romany pawn shop owner.
  • Steve Doyle: "Deadly Dreams" with Bernard Sutton, Jeweler to the Royal Court, his assistant Abel, and Inspector Illingworth.  
  • Elana Gomel: "The Watchers" involving occult detective Thomas Carnacki and his close friend Henry Dodgson. 
  • Stephen Herczeg: "The Adventure of the Cats of Ulthar" with Miss Lois Cayley, a spirited young bicycling adventuress.
  • Naching T. Kassa: "The Sinister Spells of Louis Carcosa" featuring the famous Lady Molly of Scotland Yard.
  • David A. Riley: "The Adventure of the Mouldy Book" with blind detective Max Carrados and his friend Mr. Carlyle.

Pictured above: Top Row, L-R is Derrick Belanger, Gustavo Bondoni, Mike Chinn, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Steve Doyle; Bottom Row, L-R is Elana Gomel, Stephen Herczeg, Naching T. Kassa, David A. Riley, Lyndon Perry, editor.

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