Our submission window is currently closed. But for your information...

What we're looking for:
  • Variety of Genres - including mystery/crime/thriller, sci-fi/fantasy, supernatural/spiritual suspense, YA/middle grade 
  • Rating Guide - stories from G to PG-13 (no erotica or extreme violence) 
  • Preferred Length - novellas (10k to 20k words) and shorter books (20k to 40k words) 
What we're offering:
  • 5 year distribution deal for ebooks and paperbacks, annually renewable. 
  • 50% of net receipts on ebooks sold (i.e., proceeds after online e-tailer commission).
  • Favorable royalty for paperbacks sold via print-on-demand (POD).
  • You retain all other subsidiary rights, including foreign language, audio, etc.
When the Window Opens Again (possibly December):
  • Send a query letter, short summary, and the first 3 chapters.
  • All correspondence will be via email - info@tulefogpress,com.